I completed my Ph.D. in 2012 in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University. My interests lie primarily in the trace element and isotope geochemistry of volcanic rocks. Working with Charlie Langmuir, I studied the geochemistry of Mid-Atlantic Ridge segments in detail, and carried out a global synthesis of mid-ocean ridge properties (e.g. depth, length of segments) and their relationship to MORB geochemistry.

I continue to be interested by questions such as: How is ocean crust accreted at slow-spreading ridges? Is the mantle heterogeneous at the segment scale? How do average chemical properties of ridges change with spreading rate and/or ridge depth? Are there systematic changes in ridge structure associated with spreading rate? What are the key differences in MORB from different ocean basins?

I am now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Plant and Earth Science at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls, where I get to enjoy teaching undergraduates about our magnificent planet.