Photos (and some links)

  • Summiting Sollipulli volcano, Chile with fellow geologists and a guide. Jan., 2010.
  • The UWRF geology crew on my first regional geology trip in Oregon! August, 2015.
  • With the Harvard grad student crew in front of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Sep., 2008.
  • Explaining the finer details of petrology to my first ever class, Jim Falls, Wisconsin. April, 2013.
  • Near Clarks Fork Canyon, Wyoming. Sep., 2008.
  • Allie on the rocks, Acadia National Park. May, 2008.
  • Collecting garnets at the Barton Mine, Gore Mountain, NY. July, 2007.
  • Admiring basalt near Hekla volcano, Iceland with grad student friends. Aug., 2009.
  • Planning a strip mall.
  • Checking out ancient basalts in Taylors Falls with some 101 students. April, 2016.
  • With friends Rita Parai and Sasha Breus on the coast of Hawaii. Aug., 2011.
  • Along the trail through Mosaic Canyon, Death Valley National Park. Feb., 2010.
  • Salt flats, Badwater, Death Valley National Park. Feb., 2010.
  • Admiring folded amphibolites in Jim Falls, Wisconsin. April, 2016.
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